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Education for Women
Ali Khalaf Hasan Al-sened , Professor Dr. [email protected] Physics Department
Haytham Mohamed , Professor Dr. [email protected] Biology Department
Abid Allah Mohammed Ali , Professor Dr. [email protected] Biology Department
Ali Hassan Mohammed , Professor Dr. [email protected] Biology Department
Ali Hussein Battor , Professor Dr. [email protected] Biology Department
Ali Mahdi , Professor Dr. [email protected] Geography Department
Ali Sahib Talib Al-Musawy , Professor Dr. [email protected] Geography Department
Bahjat Razzaq Jaafar Muhyedeen , Professor Dr. [email protected] Chemistry Department
Elham Mahmoud Kazem Abboud , Professor Dr. Elhamm.Kadhim @uokufa.edu.iq History Department
Fouad Abdullah Mohammed , Professor Dr. [email protected] Geography Department
Habeeb Kareem Abdullah , Professor Dr. [email protected] Mathematics Department
Hasan Thamer Ghanim , Professor Dr. [email protected] Chemistry Department
Hussein jaaz Naser Hassoun Fatlawi , Professor Dr. [email protected] Geography Department
Shawket Kadhim Jawad , Professor Dr. [email protected] Chemistry Department
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