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Faculty Of Administration and Economy
Abdulhussein Jalil Abdulhasan Alghaliby. , Professor Dr. [email protected] Economics Department
ADNAN DAWOOD MOHAMMED ALETHARY , Professor Dr. [email protected] Economics Department
Kamil Allawi Kadhim Dhedan al-Fatlawi. , Professor Dr. [email protected] Finance & Banking Department
Mayih Shabeb al-Shammari , Professor Dr. [email protected] Economics Department
Muiead Abdulhussein khalil Alfadhel , Professor Dr. [email protected] Business Department
Noori Abdul Rasool Abdul Mohsin Alkhagan , Professor Dr. [email protected] Economics Department
Sadiq Ali Taan , Professor Dr. [email protected] Economics Department
Ali Abdul Redha Ali Algiashi , A.Professor Dr. [email protected] Business Department
Ali Razzaq Chyad Mohammed Al-Falah , A.Professor Dr. [email protected] Business Department
Bushra Abdulwahab Hasan Aljawahiry , A.Professor Dr. [email protected] Accounting Department
Hasan Latef Kadhom al-zobaidi , A.Professor Dr. [email protected] Economics Department
Heider Nima Bekheet , A.Professor Dr. [email protected] Economics Department
hider abdulmutaleb jasem albkaa , A.Professor Dr. [email protected] Finance & Banking Department
Hussein Hadi Hussein Oneizah , A.Professor Dr. [email protected] Accounting Department
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