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Faculty Archeology and Heritage
Tahir .Yousif .ALwaily , Professor Dr. [email protected] Archeology Department
Abd AlSatar Alganaby , A.Professor Dr. [email protected] Heritage Department
Hayder nazar atiyah salman , A.Professor Dr. [email protected] Heritage Department
RAZZAK KURDI HUSSEIN SAAD , A.Professor Dr. [email protected] Heritage Department
Alaa Hussein Jasim al-Lami , Lecturer Dr. [email protected] Heritage Department
INTISAR NAJI ABED ZENKI , Lecturer Dr. [email protected] Archeology Department
Fatima Abbas Salman Mamouri , Lecturer [email protected] Archeology Department
Ameel ajeel Ibrahim al-hisnawy , A.Lecturer [email protected] Heritage Department
Hassan Mehdi Hamoudi Sadiq , A.Lecturer [email protected] Archeology Department
Husain Olaiwy Abd ALHhusain , A.Lecturer [email protected] Archeology Department
HUSSEIN HASAN MAJEED ALSUBAYEE , A.Lecturer [email protected] Archeology Department
Jasim Husain Yousif , A.Lecturer [email protected] Archeology Department
Laith Mahmoud zwen , A.Lecturer [email protected] Heritage Department
MOAMEL SALEEM AZEEZ , A.Lecturer [email protected] Heritage Department
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