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Faculty Of Political Sciences
sabbah saheb AL erayedh , A.Professor Dr. [email protected] Law Department
Hussein eliwi Aeshun , A.Professor [email protected] Political Department
Adawia Hayawi dohi Shibli , Lecturer Dr. [email protected] Political Department
Baha Adnan Alsabbari , Lecturer Dr. [email protected] Political Department
Mohammed Hassan Ali Mohammed dakhil , Lecturer [email protected] Law Department
Asaad Kadhim Shabib , A.Lecturer [email protected] Political Department
Basel Mohsen Mohanna Silverline Omairi , A.Lecturer [email protected] Political Department
haidar zayer aboosi al amri , A.Lecturer [email protected] Law Department
Iyad Kadhim Hadi JLo , A.Lecturer [email protected] Law Department
musa elyas abbas ali albayati , A.Lecturer [email protected] Law Department
rasha yahya ubaies AL meselmawi , A.Lecturer [email protected] Political Department
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