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Faculty Archeology and Heritage
Muna abdull .kareem Husseen , A.Lecturer munaa.khalaf@uokufa.edu.iq Heritage Department
Nabeel Abdul Husain Rahiy , A.Lecturer nabeela.almezael@uokufa.edu.iq Heritage Department
Nashaat Ali Omran , A.Lecturer nashata.omran@uokufa.edu.iq Archeology Department
Ream Hussein Abdul-Abbas al-Rubaie , A.Lecturer reamh.alrubaie@uokufa.edu.iq Heritage Department
Sattar Jabbar Ahmed Mohamed , A.Lecturer Satarg.ahmed@uokufa.edu.iq Heritage Department
Seemaa atallah Husain , A.Lecturer seemaa.alsaaqdi@uokufa.edu.iq Heritage Department
Shaima Essam Allawi Ibrahim Albuladawi , A.Lecturer Shaymaai.alawi@uokufa.edu.iq Archeology Department
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