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Faculty Of Education
hassan abdullah al-kaabi , Lecturer Dr. hassana.alkaabi@uokufa.edu.iq Quran Department
mahdi abdulameer altufaily , Lecturer Dr. mahdi.abdulameer@uokufa.edu.iq Art Education Department
Hayder Kaream Al Hamdany , Lecturer Dr. hayderk.alhamdany@uokufa.edu.iq English Language Department
Abd Alaal Wahyd Abod Al Essawi , Lecturer Dr. abdulaal.abbood@uokufa.edu.iq Art Education Department
Abd Alkarim abd alhussien Aldabach , Lecturer Dr. abdulkareem.alhussein@uokufa.edu.iq Art Education Department
Faris Hassn Mohsin Alsoltani , Lecturer Dr. farih.mohsin@uokufa.edu.iq Quran Department
Julan Hussien Goudi , Lecturer Dr. Jolan.judi@uokufa.edu.iq English Language Department
Kwakib Baqer Ahmed Al Fadeli , Lecturer Dr. kawakib.ahmed@uokufa.edu.iq Quran Department
Mohammad Kazem Hussein Alwan al-Fatlawi , Lecturer Dr. mohammedk.alfatlawi@uokufa.edu.iq Quran Department
Nima Abdussamad Hussein Al-Asady , Lecturer Dr. neyama.hussein@uokufa.edu.iq Computer Department
Thaer Abbas Howeidi Radi Nasrawi , Lecturer Dr. thaera.huwaidi@uokufa.edu.iq Quran Department
Wisam Ahmed Shaker Almutiri , Lecturer Dr. wisam.shihab@uokufa.edu.iq Art Education Department
Ahmed Obaid Kazem al-Ghazali , Lecturer ahmedo-kadim@uokufa.edu.iq Art Education Department
amer mohammed alshbeb , Lecturer amerm.hussein@uokufa.edu.iq Art Education Department
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