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B.Sc, from college of Education for Girls department of Biology ,M.Sc ,parasite College of Education for Girls ,Department of Biology, University of Kufa.
1.Discover from parasite diseases distribution in Al-njaf of governorate.

2.Making tests associated with antiparasite activity evalution .

3.Making technical PCR for some parasite to target serotyping and diagnosis.

4.Attempt culture parasite lieshmania and advantage from cellular implant technical .

1.Basic parasitology.

2.Advanced parasitology and immunology

3.Medical parasitology.


1.Distribution of parasite Fasciola gigantica in the final hosts in Al-najaf Al-Ashraf Governorate.

2.Distribution of parasite Fasciola gigantica in the intermediated host in Al-najaf Al-Ashraf Governorate.

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