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Ph.D from University of Basra(Collage of Arts- Dep. of Geography/ Iraq) in Urban Geography, Infrastructure planning and Health Geography. MSc. D from University of Kufa (Collage of Arts- Dep. of Geography/ Iraq) Urban Environmental problems and Urban Geography. A teaching faculty at the following: Faculty of Arts/ University of Kufa from 2007-2014, Faculty of Physical Planning/ University of Kufa 2013-2014 so far .
- Planning of urban land uses .

- Regional Development .

- Sustainable development .

- Reservation and urban renovation .

- Strategic Planning .

- Climate and city planning .

- Environmental pollution / Environmental planning .

- Spatial research methods and quantitative analysis .

- Housing Planning .

- Environmental Management .

- Renewable energies and clean

- Sustainable planning for environment .

Geography of cities and rural stability/ Geography of development and regional planning/ Geographical statistics/ computers and Geographical Information Systems/ Maps and aerial photos / Location maps / Environmental pollution / Urban Problems / Touristy Geography/ Urban Development /Geographical Information Systems /situation in developing countries / Evaluation of Urban land uses / Geographical research methods and quantitative analysis / Geographic statistical maps .

Island Heat of Urban / UNFC .

1 . Climatic consequences of runaway project HAARP secret U.S. on climate Iraq , the International Journal of Environment and global climate change , the organization Auarabiyh Research Environment , Water and Desert , No. 6.2014 .

2 . Eco-tourism and sustainable development in the province of Najaf ( An Empirical Study of the Sea of Najaf and Hor star son ) , International Journal of Environment and global climate change , the organization Auarabiyh Research Environment , Water and Desert , No. 2.2013 .

3 . The art of aesthetic lines and Arabic inscriptions in the Islamic shrine Zaid Martyr (p) , Journal of the Second International Scientific Conference of the martyr Zaid bin Ali (AS) / Shrine Zaid Martyr (p) , the number 2.2013 .

4 . Geographical effects to build the port of Mubarak Al-Kabir on navigation and sea ports of Iraq , Journal of Arab Gulf Studies Center at the University of Basra , Proceedings of the Eighth Scientific Conference Research Center for Arab Gulf Studies , for a period of 25-26 / 4/2012 , Volume II.

5 . Potential investment of wind power to generate electricity in the Libyan desert , the journal of the Arab Center for Research on the desert and the development of desert communities , Marzouk - Libya , Special Issue Conference of natural resources and contrast vital in desert areas / Sabha Libya , the body of Libya for research and science and technology , for a period of 25-27 / 2 / 2014 . Special Issue research Conference .

6 . The evolution of architecture in the Islamic shrine Companion Salman Muhammadi (RIP ) and shrines attached to it , the Journal of Research Third Annual Conference under the slogan ( Salman Muhammadi (p) Forum religions ) on 03/29/2014 .

7 . The impact of civil society organizations in the development of young people in Iraq , the first Arab Forum magazine , the role of youth in human development , for a period of 15-17 / 12/2013 , the first section , the House of Wisdom Baghdad in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Administrative Development in the Arab League.

8 . The development of Islamic architecture in Mazar companion Maitham Tamar Ben Yahia (p) , Journal of special research first scientific conference of the Sahabi Maitham Tamar Ben Yahia (p) , for a period of 9-10/11 / 2012 .

9 . Orientalists position of Shiism and Imam Ali (AS) - Orientalists Alasrielln model ,

10 . Calendar luminescent Engineering and design in the architecture of the upper threshold of the Holy , a private magazine researches the first conference of electrical engineering work for the upper threshold for a period of 25-26 / 11/2013 .

11. Spatial analysis of the problem of solid waste in the holy city of Najaf, published in the Magazine of Al-Qadisiyah for Humanities / University of of Al-Qadisiyah / Magazine number 11/ no.3/ 2008/ special magazine number for the Researches of the Sixth Scientific Conference of Humanities / University of Al-Qadisiyah, 5-6/12/ 2007 .

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