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She holds a master's degree in the science of chemistry, the exact competence (Physical Chemistry) in 2006. Teaching in Pharmaceutical Chemistry Branch, Division responsible quality and performance at the University College of Pharmacy - University of Kufa. Responsible Unity sports.
Research on the environment and water pollution.

Research about the competence of Physical Chemistry.

Research on pollution and its relationship to human health.

Physical Chemistry.

Analytical Chemistry.

Industrial Chemistry.

1 - Study and Comparison Adsorption thermodynamic for Gongo Red and Berlent Green dyes on some metal oxides

2- Study and evaluate some of the physical and chemical properties of mineral drinking water produced in laboratories holy city of Najaf

3 - Measurements of mineral Waters Pollution in Adsorption Thermodynamic Study 0f Berlent Green Dye On Surface Bentonite Clay

-4Study of the standards quality of a wastewater before and after treatment in Kufa treatment plant

5-Study and evaluate some of the physical and chemical properties of drinking water for the station Alzerkh

6-Study and comparison between the blood of smokers and non-smokers from the measured ratios of some heavy metals

Research to be published

-1Measure and compare the chemical and physical properties for cement in the laboratory of Najaf and Kufa

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