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Master of Science, University of Babylon ,College of Science, Chemistry Department, Iraq-Babylon 2005 Bachelor of Science, , University of Kufa ,College of Science, Chemistry Department, Iraq-Najaf 2001
•Spectrohotometric determination of drugs, inorganic and organic compounds.

•Synthesis of organic compound of analytical chemistry use.

•Use of chemical software and its use in chemistry teaching and research.

•Use of chemical websites and using it in chemical research.

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Synthesis and spectrophotometric study of 2-(6-bromo-2-benzothiazolylazo)-4-chloro phenol as analytical reagent for determination of copper. National Journal of Chemistry – Babylon University 2005

Determination of Pb II and Al III by using a new ligand 2-{(2-benzimidazolyl)azo}-4-methoxy phenol. Journal of College of Education – Babylon University 2010

Advanced Pharmaceutical analysis Labrotary Manual, College of Pharmacy, Kufa University 2012

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