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UOK A-Z index

* M.Sc in Biochemistry from Kufa University/ College of Education / Department of chemistry. * Ph. D in Biochemistry from Baghdad University/ College of Sceince/ Department of chemistry.
1) Oxidative stress Markers

2) Study of some biochemical parameters in sera and malignant tissues of women with breast tumors

1) Biochemistry for 3rd stage in college of pharmacy :

Carbohydrates, Lipids, Amino acids and protein chemistry, Nucleic Acids, Enzymes, Bioenergetics, Porphyrins & Bile Pigments

2) Clinical ) Biochemistry for 5th stage in college of pharmacy

Liver Function Test and Their Disease

Renal Function Test and Their Disease

Electrolytes Distribution and Their Clinical significance,

1. Kadhum J. Shaba'a, Hasan T. Ghanem, and Suhad Rasheed Majeed: Early Evaluation of Serum Albumin Level in Pediatric Burned Patients. Karbalaa ,Medicin Journal, 2010.

2. Naji, M. Ali, and Suhad, R. Majeed.Study of oral glucose tolerance test for pregnant women in Najaf governorate.Kufa Med jurnal.Vol 14,no3-S,2011

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