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B. Sc University of Mosel/ College of Science1976 M. Sc University of Baghdad / College of Science1978 Ph. D British / University of East Angela 1989
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1-Synthesis and identification of ethyl-2-azido-indole carboxylate???? ???????? ?????? ??????2011

2-Synthesis of some new 2,4-dihydroxy quinoline derivatives by cyclization reation of n-phenyl malonamic acid and study of biological activity ???? ????? ?????? ??????? 2011

3-Cyclization of b-substituted anilino vinyl phenyl ketone to substituted quinoline???? ???????? ???????1996

4-Synthesis and identification of aseries of -4-phenyl-quinoline derivatives by palladium coupling reaction???? ???? ??????????1996

5-Synthesis and ident of aseries of 4-quinolone???? ??????? ??????1994

6-Synthes identification and study biological activity of 5-(1h-indole -3-yl)phenyl methyl-2,2-dimethyl1,3-dioxane-4,6-dione and 2,2-dimethyl5-(phenyl diazenyl)-1,3-dioxane 4,6-dionedeiv???? ?????? ????? ????????2011

7-Synthesis and biological evaluation of l-5-n-(4-t-amino-2-butynyl)carbanoyl)-2-pyrrolidone and their racemateEur.j.med-chem-ehem.ther1982

8-synythesis of anew series of ethyl-indole propionate and study of their biological activity???? ????? ?? ???? ?????? ????? ????????2011

9-Synthsis and biological evalnation of n-(4-t-amino-2-butynyloxy)and n-(4-t-amino-2-butynyl)phthalimideEur.j.med.chem.chem.ther.1980

10-Study of oral glycose to lerance test in sera of pregnant women in najaf govermentKufa. med.j2011

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