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• M.S.( Modern History University of ) Basrah (Iraq .1989). • PhD. ( Modern Economic History ) University of Kufa (Iraq .1999). • Cheer man of Department history / Faculty of Education For Women / Universityof Kufa.(2003-Sptemper2011). • Dean of Faculty of Archaeology (2011 -2012 ). • Research Interests: • Economic History of Ottoman Empire, Contemporary History of Turkey,History of Modern and Contemporary ArabThought,Scinentific Method Rsearch,Modern Arab History, Modern Europe History.
Economic history of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey's modern history, the history of thought of modern and contemporary Arab,

Research Methods, modern Arab history, the modern history of Europe.

• Modern History of Iraq.(for PhD student & MS).

• Modern Arab gulf.(for PhD student & MS).

• Contemporary Conflict in Arabian Gulf(for PhD student)

• Arab Thought(forMS student).

1) The Oman – Iranian conflict on Bandar Abbas 1797-1878. (Journal of AL- Ostaad,

Faculty of Education –Ibn Rushed , University of Baghdad ,No.14,May1999).

2) Silk Trade in Ottoman Empire.(Journal of Adaab Albasrah,No36.2001).

3) Ottoman –GermanAlliance Treaty in 1914.(Journal of Adaab Baghdad,2002).

4) Characteristicsof the Ottoman Economy Ottoman during the firsthalf of nineteenth century.(Journal of Derasaat Najafeyah ,No.1,2004).

5) The Japanese –Russian War 1904-1905.(Journal ofFaculty of Education For Women /University of Kufa , No.3.December, 2008).

6) Diyalaagainst the Safavid expansion since the Ottoman conquest, until the end of the MamaleekRean in Iraq1534 - 1832.(Journal of Al-Sadeer,Faculty of Arts /University of Kufa, No .1,first year, 2003).

7) Ottoman public Debt in Iraq, problem assets and its historical development 1917 - 1934. (Journal accepted for publication in the Arab historian).

8) Kut battles in Gen. Tauzind diary 1915-1916(Wasit university conference ,2006)

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