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BDS – Baghdad univ.1987 MSc. Laser application in dentistry–Baghdad univ. Iraq2000 PhD. Laser Application In Dentistry 2009 Sudan University-Sudan2009
Laser in dentistry

Nanotechnology in dentistry

Laser in dentistry

Basic physics , laser – tissue interaction

Laser application in oral and maxillofacial surgery

Laser in oral medicon

Laser in oprative dentistry

Laser in periodontology

1- warts treatment by CO2 laser

2- trigeminal neuralgia treated by he-ne laser

3-recurrent uphthus treatment by he-ne laser

4-hyperpigmentation of the gum treated faster by co2 laser

5- facial resurfacing treated by co2 laser

6- Eualuation of the effect of dicode laser 810 nm on the diffusion of the Hylroxyl ions from calicium hydroxide intracanel medicament paste through the dentinal tubules

Patent/ date 22/10/2001 ent. el; C 12N5/00

IQ, el; 6

Lymphocyte Stimulated Of Peripheral Blood Culture By He-Ne Laser

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