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-B.Sc in mechanical engineering from Babylon University at 1998. -M.Sc in material engineering from Babylon University at 2001. -PhD in applied mechanics from University of Technology at 2007. -Joined in summer school about the using of scanning g electron microscopy in biological and material application in Milano-Biccoca University in Italy from 8/9 to 8/10/2008. -Joined to workshop in Maribor University/Mechanics and production department in Slovenia about the modern application of scanning electron microscopy from 23/9 to 24/9/2008. - Work as manager assistance for engineering consultant bureau in kufa university from 2004 to 2008 . -Work as labs manager in mechanic engineering department from 2008 to 2011. -Work as head of mechanical engineering department from 2011
1- Composite materials properties and improvement these properties.

2-Failure of thermal furnaces in industrial foundations.

3-Improvement Mechanical properties for stainless steel .

4-Improvement mechanical properties of carbon steel .

5-Effcet of welding joint on steel properties.

1-Strength of materials.

2-Modern manufacturing process .

3-Design of machine element and machine system.

1-Ali S. Yasir : The effect of fibers pre-stressing on tensile properties of glass fiber /epoxy composite materials. 1st conference of technical college in Najaf. 2009

2-Hussain A. Jawad, Y.M.R.F. Al-Hadith , Ali S. Yasir: Comparative investigation of the dental material ablation using laser radiation and focusing ion beam microscopy.2010

3-Ali S.Yasir : The Cooling Rate Effect on the Buckling Strength and Elastic Properties of Heated Martensitic Stainless Steel Columns. IJES, Vol.12, No.4 , 2012.

4- Ali S.Yasir : Study the Effect of Welding Joint Location on the Fatigue Strength and Fatigue Life for Steel Weldment . Asian Transaction on Engineering , Vol.2, Issue.4, 2012 .

5- Luay S.Al-Ansari , Ali S.Yasir : Investigating the Effect of Thermal Cycle on the Linear and

Non-Linear Deflection and Elastic Properties of Alloy Steel Cantilever Beam. 3rd conference of technical college in Najaf .

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