e-learning system based management courses and tests and is considered a learning environment that includes both the professor and the student and educational material.

Student Information System carries out registration of students at the University of Kufa and follow all academic and administrative operations.

electronic library available on the internal network to University of Kufa contain many of the e-books in multiple areas.

Electronic testing system that creates electronic tests and then applied to students and trainees and management of all related results.

e-portfolio system is a personal space on the Internet is used to develop the student's skills in self-learning and share his files with others students.

This system follow up the mechanism of employee's attendance of the University of Kufa through fingerprint devices and related to electronic systems

e-print is a system which provides student's  efforts to get the electronic copies of previous years' questions.

A special electronic system tests, Faculty of Medicine contains a set of properties correspond to apply the new curriculum.

electronic survey is a system which uses to create electronic surveys and then review and export results and processed electronically