سارة محمود الجواري ( مدرس )
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Sara Mahmood Iraq – Baghdad – Dura Phone +964 7709218864 Email : [email protected] Skype: [email protected] Birthday: 7th April 1986. Relationship: Single. Nationality: Iraqi. Address: Baghdad  Phd, MSc in urban and regional planning – university of Baghdad .  B.Sc in survey engineering: Iraq, Survey engineering –Middle Technical University- 2004 to 2008. - Being familiar with local authorities and government partnerships including, Ministry of Planning, Mayoralty of Baghdad, Ministry of higher education, High commission for Election, college of physical planning in Kufa University, Amanat Baghdad. - Being an active UN staff member familiar with all UN polices and procedures - Civil activist of good experience in working with civil society organizations.  August 2016 – present, Program and Policy- Program Assistant at UN-Habitat. I work with Many components of Local Area Development program including: - Municipal finance component - MSc in Kufa city component. - Urban Expansion of Qalaat Salih - Urban Conservation of Basra Traditional area - Governorate Urban strategies for 12 governorates of Iraq.