Comparison Between Classical Masks and (Odd and Even) Groups Masks for Mycosis Fungoides Disease Skin Image Edges Detection

Ali Hassan Al-Fayadh, Hind Rostom Mohammed, Shaymaa Maki kadham


In the present paper, a comparison  between classical masks and (odd and even) masks groups for Mycosis Fungoides disease Skin image edges detection is performed.

The goal is to extract the information known in the image because it is vital to understand the image content as the proposed approach is the comparative edge by masks classical and a new set  of Groups  masks (odd and even ) which consist of 10 masks. The  database consists of 40 images reprints different  stage of the Mycosis Fungoides disease Skin images 10 images for each stage. The experimental results confirm the effectiveness of the proposed system. and confirm the effectiveness of the proposed(odd and even) Groups masks.

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