Taylor Galerkin Pressure Correction (TGPC) Finite Element Method for Incompressible Newtonian Cable-Coating Flows

Alaa H. Al-Muslimawi


Based on Taylor Galerkin /pressure-correction (TGPC) finite element method, this work is concerned with numerical study for incompressible Newtonian cable coating flows. The fluid motion is described by using the Naiver-Stoke equations, which include two essential differential equations. One of them is the equation for conservation of mass and the other one is the equation of conservation of momentum equations. Moreover, this study shows the free surface location methodology to determine the free surface position, and the boundary conditions. The Phan-Thien (dh/dt) scheme is applied to calculate the change in the free-surface position. A number of computational investigations have been achieved to see the effect of different factors on the processing of coating. This includes investigating the influence of variation in surface tension on the shear rate and strain-rate stabilisation approach

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