Assessment of Occupational Hazards on Nurses Who Working in the Operative Room at AL-Amarah City Hospitals

Saad Sabri Shamkh AL-Sarraji /Hassan Jassim Hassan /Bassam Mahdi Flaih



Objectives: The study objectives to assess the occupational hazards on nurses in the operational room at Al-Amarah city hospitals, and to find out the relationship between the occupational hazard for nurses and their socio-demographic characteristics

Methodology: descriptive study was conducted in Al- Amarah city during the period from January 2016 to May 2016. It was the use of non-probability sample (purposive) of (80 nurses) working in the operational room. The data are collected through the interview technique by using of constructed questionnaires, which consists of two parts, the first part contains the socio-demographic characteristics, and the second part consists of (5) domain: accidental (8 items), physical (3 items), chemical (4 items), biological (2 items), and psychological hazard (5 items), totally (22 items). The data are describe and analysis through the using of (SPSS program).

Results: The results showed that the occupational hazards are effect on the nurses was moderate level mean of score MS (1.79), also the maximal effect presented by the Biological hazard, followed by accidental hazard. Moreover, there was a high significant relationship between occupational hazard and their socio-demographic characteristics of age, level of education, and years of experience (P <0.01), while non- significant relationship between occupational hazard and their gender (P > 0.05).

Conclusions: The results showed that the majority of exposure to occupational hazards among male nurses (71.3%) more than female nurses, as well as the study confirmed that nurses who do not have more experience in the field of work are more exposed to occupational hazards than others, also the study showed that more than half of the study sample (62.5%) were graduates of medical technician institutes

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