Assessment of Psychological Stressors among Psychiatric Patients in Kirkuk City

Dr. Jasim Mohammed Shindi




Objective: To assess the psychological stressors and some socio-demographic variables among psychiatric patients.

Methodology: A descriptive study was done from1st of November 2015 to 10th may 2016 to achieve the objectives of the study.A non- probability (purposive) sample consist of 130 patients from the outpatients department of psychiatry in Azadi teaching hospital. Developed questionnaire was constructed for the purpose of the study which was consisted of three parts: the socio-demographic characteristics, medical data, data related to psychiatric disorders, the data were collected through the useof interview. The data was analyzed through the application of descriptive statistical analysis (frequency, percentage %).

Results: the findings of the study indicated that (29.2% ) were within the age group (30-39 ) years, (51%) of them were female, while the male formed (49% ) and (52.3% )were married and (23.8%) of the sample were primary school graduated,(43.4% ) were barely sufficient and (70.7%) were from urban and(41.5% ) had no children.

Conclusion: The most of the study sample were complaining of depression more than other psychiatric morbidities exposed to chronic stressors, and those within the age group of (32-49 years) in female gender.

Recommendation: providing educational programs for  thepopulations by the mass media about  positive management of life stressors and to identify the source and the adverse effects of stressors on the psychological wellbeing.


Keywords: Stressors, Pathogenesis, Psychiatric Disorders

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