Assessment The Quality of Life of Thalassemic Major Children in Duhok City

Mohammed Haider Musa


ABSTRACT: Background: Thalassemia Major is a preventable genetic disorder characterized by abnormal hemoglobin synthesis and needs long life blood transfusions. Therefore, attention to the quality of life of these children is very necessary Objective: Assess the quality of life among children with thalassemia major. Methods: A descriptive cross sectional study was conducted at Jeen pediatric hematology and oncology center in Duhok city for the period from Jan. 15th to May 25th. 2017 to assess quality of life of children suffering from Thalassemia Major, and finding a You mention to finding the relationship between domain but in result to applied differences between domains of quality of life and socio-demographic variables. Eighty-eight children randomly selected between ages (5–18 years) were enrolling in the study who is reviewing Jeen pediatric hematology and oncology center in Duhok city. Information were collected through the use Peds QL 4.0 generic core scale questionnaire, which included physical domain (8) items, emotional domain (5) items, social domain (5) items, and school domain (5) items. Results: The results of the study showed that there were statistically significant correlation between the all domains of quality of life and some variables like education, family history, income level, frequency of blood transfusion, history of spleenectomy, and non-statistically significant correlation of some variables like age and gender , Conclusion: The quality of life scores were best for boys as compared to girls. Recommendations: The authorities should develop plans to improve quality of life of these patients. Whereas early diagnosis, regular visiting, financial and education support are the major factors of intervention to improve the overall quality of life of these children, the researcher also recommends conducting further studies on large samples. Keywords: Assessment, Thalassemia Major, Quality of life.

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