The Role of Socratic Questioning in Promoting Students’ Critical Thinking in EFL Classrooms at the University of Basra: A Qualitative-based Study

Muhammad Qassim Almaliki


The major aim of this paper is to introduce the notion of Socratic questioning method (henceforth SQ) and its value in teaching, learning and thinking. It also investigates the effects of utilizing SQ to enhance students’ critical thinking (CT) skills in reading and rhetoric discussions at the Department of English – the University of Basra (BU)/Iraq. This empirical research examines two discrete, substantial areas: (1) the efficacy of integrating SQ into curriculum in the English program at BU, with continuous teaching and modelling of SQ, and (2) the possibility that students’ critical thinking skills are developed will be investigated. The overall research results indicate (1) the constant curriculum-based teaching and modelling of SQ method –based on Paul and Elder’s questioning taxonomy – brings about a notable change in the students’ analytic and evaluative abilities. As research results indicate, promoting students’ critical thinking skills requires critical questioning; and such (2) Modelling can be a powerful tool in the cultivation of teaching, learning and thought.

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